Is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica. Its coasts are decked by plenty of islands, inlets, beaches and beautiful natural treasures, which make Puntarenas but specially Tambor and Cobano, a destiny by excellence. Its territory offers a wide range of attractions supported by the sun and the beach, which are complemented with protected zones, continental and insular areas.

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  • Activities

Tourist activities allow deeper understanding of natural and cultural tourist attractions, as well as a close relationship with nature, adventure and sports and recreation.

Costa Rica Horseback Riding


This activity may be enjoyed on the coast, in the communities or in the mountains of this region. Horseback tours are offered by tourism companies, landowning associations or families that rent horses.

Costa Rica Hiking


Hiking is a good way to take in various tourist attractions: natural
parks, beaches, ecotourism trails, historical buildings, architectural
monuments or cultural tours around various communities of interest.

Costa Rica Recreational Cycling


The region features picturesque roads and adventure or relaxation sites for touring on regular or mountain bikes. Beaches and mountains also make for interesting rides.

Costa Rica Adventure Tours


The area is very attractive to tourists, offering mountains and high places. Tourists can dived in crystal waters, visit an island by boat, go canopy, go horseback riding, go bird-watch, go sport-fishing or enjoy an kite boarding thru the bays.

Costa Rica Photography


Diverse flora and fauna in natural areas, stunning coastal landscapes and cultural interest make taking photos and video a highly popular tourist activity.




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